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A History of Innovation

Fischer International has the ideal pedigree for an Identity Management solution provider. Unlike vendors who compiled Identity Management technologies by acquiring multiple companies, Fischer created all of its Identity Management technologies from the ground-up, including security, directory management, and meta directory products. Additionally, provisioning, deprovisioning, and password management were all part of Fischer's solutions, long before appearing on IT radars.

A chronology of key events and first-to-market innovations is shown below.

1980s: Enterprise & PC Security

Fischer International went to market with both PC- and Enterprise-class security software solutions. Our solutions were widely deployed in US Government agencies, and our PC-based solution was the first PC Security product rated by the National Computer Security Center (NCSC).

  • 1st PC Security Solution

1990s: Security, Directory Management, Meta Directory

Directory services are a strategic component of security management. As such, Fischer naturally evolved into the directory services space and extended its expertise in directory and meta directory technologies.

  • 1st Windows 95 Security Solution
  • 1st Windows NT Security Solution
  • 1st meta directory on IBM z/OS

2001-2004: Identity Management

Fischer was the only IdM vendor with the commitment and foresight to take the long view of Identity Management. Fischer redesigned all of their existing Identity solutions as a holistic interoperability platform, the Global Identity Architecture™, which would offer out of the box interoperability and virtually infinite extensibility for new requirements. The interoperability platform is the foundation for both multi-domain provisioning and Managed Identity Services.

2005-2006: Fischer Identity™: The World's First Global Identity Architecture™

In May 2005, Fischer introduced an entirely new, future-proof Identity Management platform that enables organizations to manage more systems and resources with far greater ease, automation, and TCO than conventional approaches. Fischer's Global Identity Architecture™ is the world's first holistic, SOA-compliant Identity Management solution built on an interoperability platform with native support for XML and other standards. On a single platform, Fischer Identity includes compliance, provisioning, mobile IdM, password management, and self service to create a fully automated, real-time Identity Management environment that can securely and affordably meet the demands of any sized organization, across all industries

  • 1st Drag/Drop IdM Business Policy & Workflows
  • 1st Mobile Password & Provisioning
  • 1st Holistic, SOA-compliant Identity Management Architecture
  • 1st Identity Management Architecture based on Integration Technology
  • 1st Provisioning Solution Validated for Oracle / PeopleSoft
  • 1st Mobile Provisioning Approval Solution for PDAs

2007: Technology for Managed Identity Services

Strategic Services require modern platforms and architectures. Fischer's Global Identity Architecture™ is the only solution that provides Global Outsourcers and Service Providers with the interoperability platform to seamlessly manage identities across domains and across organizations. Fischer's platform supports: accelerated globalization, reduced complexity, conformance to standards, uniform services delivery, ongoing access to innovative services and strategies.

  • 1st IdM Solution to Natively Enable Multi-Domain Provisioning (federated provisioning)
  • 1st IdM platform to support all software delivery models: software-as-a-product, hosted, on-demand/SaaS, outsourced on-premise
  • 1st IdM platform to support Multi-Tenancy