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Federated and Web Single Sign-On
Secure, Single Sign-On Access to Web & Cloud Applications

Fischerís Federated and Web Single Sign-On solution enables organizations to improve convenience for end users and reduce administrative overhead for accessing on-premise, SaaS-based and partner-delivered applications. Organizations can also securely extend their business processes, services, and knowledge assets to other trusted user communities without incurring the cost and effort to create and manage numerous, user-specific accounts and IDs.

Problem: Organizations face several challenges related to user authentication: Most users login to multiple applications every day, including internal and external applications, but users are easily annoyed and frustrated by the inconvenience and lost productivity to repeatedly login to core applications. Also, regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA and the European Privacy Directives place restrictions on the release of personally identifiable information across organizations. Business requirements drive IT organizations to enable secure access to new user communities, yet IT is challenged by the time and cost to create and manage unique accounts for every user. The use of SaaS and other applications managed by third parties presents the additional challenge of how to prevent access by former employees and others who should no longer have access since removing network access doesnít remove SaaS access.

Solution: Fischer provides an out-of-the-box SSO solution that enables users to securely login just once to access multiple federated and web-based applications, whether the applications are on-premise, SaaS-based or reside at business partner organizations. Fischerís Secure Login Framework uses secure authentication techniques to access non-federated web-based applications using SAML/Shibboleth federation as its backbone.

Single Sign-On: Fischer enables users to login just once to access multiple applications so the users donít need to remember multiple sets of credentials. The process assures that users receive the appropriate privileges without requiring a manual log-in to each resource.

Rapid User Onboarding with Minimal Effort: Fischer provides a secure framework for passing credentials to applications so that users can securely access available resources and services. The solution increases security and reduces risk in collaborative environments by enabling organizations to authenticate a user once, then use specified identity information to authenticate the user to other resources, including those at partner organizations. Privacy is also improved by controlling or limiting the identity information that is shared with other organizations.

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Single Sign-On speed and convenience
  • Quickly onboard new user communities with minimal effort
  • Improve security and avoid delayed access to resources by using current information for authentication
  • Improve privacy by minimizing or eliminating disclosure of personal identity information
  • Audit and reporting assure compliance with pertinent regulations
  • Leverage other identity capabilities to increase value and effectiveness, including access request portal, approval routing, etc.
  • Implement Fischer Federation much faster and with fewer resources than alternative solutions
  • Your choice of procurement model: Cloud or on-premise

Learn More

For additional information on how your organization can benefit from Fischer Identity, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website.


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