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Global Identity Architecture®
Identity Management Starts with a Strong Foundation

Fischer’s Global Identity Architecture® (GIA) is the foundation for Fischer Identity™. It was developed with business in mind and a deep understanding of what is required to extend comprehensive Identity and Compliance solutions to organizations of all sizes and across all industries. This can be achieved because the GIA is built on fundamentals:

  • Out-of-the-box Interoperability
  • Program/Script-free workflow creation
  • Standards
  • Design-time / Run-time
  • Simple, secure cross-domain capability

Managing identities across the real enterprise is complex: a true enterprise solution must be capable of serving multiple domains and multiple organizations (federated provisioning) to realize the full value of IdM. This requires that the Identity solution be extremely flexible, affordable and broad. Further, the Identity solution must serve the business and accommodate each organization’s unique processes and policies from day-one on. It must readily adapt to both the routine and the not-so-routine changes of the business and supporting technology infrastructure such as system obsolescence, addition of new systems, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in corporate compliance policies. Fischer’s Global Identity Architecture is designed for this express purpose.

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  • A: The JAVA, XML Interoperability Engine enables the simplest methods to solve complex Identity and compliance problems
  • B: Graphically create and manage all polices and workflows
  • C: Load Mode™ for data cleansing, account matching, and compliance validation
  • D: Identity compliance operates standalone or with other modules
  • E: Any-to-any data transformations and bi-directional synchronization
  • F: Automatic discovery of schema and roles / groups
  • G: All connectivity and other components can be centrally managed; reuse workflows, policies, connectors, etc.
  • H: Configurable, extensible user interfaces – self service
  • I: The Global Identity® Gateway is uniquely suitable for cross-domain provisioning, and extending the choice to Identity as a Service® (IaaS®) procurement model.

The Foundation for Secure, Extensible Identity Management
Fischer’s Global Identity Architecture provides the only feasible, affordable Identity services delivery platform to offer organizations unparalleled choices in Identity Management. Listed below are the core identity capabilities that comprise the Global Identity Architecture:

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