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iFly™ – Mobile Identity Management:
Provisioning Approvals and Password Management on Mobile Devices

Are you mobilizing business processes at the same pace as your mobile workforce to address the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement? Now you can…securely. Fischer iFly keeps organizations moving by extending user provisioning approval and password management capabilities to mobile devices. Now, there’s no excuse for delayed access to critical resources.

Problem: Managers are responsible for approving provisioning requests, but cannot respond quickly when on the road, which causes lost employee productivity waiting for provisioning request approval. Browsers on mobile devices can access any web page, including identity management interfaces, but non-optimized web interfaces are typically not practical for mobile use.

Solution: Fischer iFly mobile access extends critical identity management capabilities to mobile devices. Users can securely reset their passwords from mobile devices and provisioning approvers can quickly respond to provisioning requests with full functionality: approve, deny, change, escalate or delegate. You can maintain your global view of compliance as all iFly actions are captured in Fischer’s central audit database.

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Keep users and business processes moving swiftly
  • Maintain compliance when managers are on the road
  • Further reduce help desk costs and mitigate risk
  • Make your executives happy
  • Your choice of procurement model: Cloud or on-premise

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For additional information on how your organization can benefit from Fischer Identity, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website.


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