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“Fischer Identity v5.0 is an amazing product. There are few times that a product
comes along that so exceeds expectation that you wonder
why everyone
is not using it.”
Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor - SC Magazine

Higher Education

Fischer's experience with colleges and universities ensures that our offerings enable institutions of all sizes to improve the learning experience and increase user satisfaction by simplifying access to required resources, removing the delays of manual administration, and eliminating frustrating calls to the Help Desk for password resets. We can help you empower end users to easily request access to resources they require. You can improve your governance, compliance and cost control, and can also get IT out of the middle of the access-request process by placing resource approvals in the hands of the persons who best understand user requirements.

Fischer solutions will enable you to automatically enforce your institutional policies and improve audit processes by reducing the cost, complexity and time requirements for audits through automated processes for recordkeeping, recertification and reporting. We improve educational and research opportunities by facilitating InCommon collaboration and advance institutional capabilities for recruiting students and faculty by facilitating cost-effective nurture strategies. Fischer solutions promote increased enrollment in distance learning and augment alumni relations by increasing the timeliness and quality of information and by ensuring users have access to the resources they require without having to visit the campus to receive or reset credentials.

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For additional information on how your institution can benefit from Fischer Higher Education solutions, please contact Fischer International Identity at +1 (239) 643-1500, or contact us through this website. Fischer solutions are simple, flexible and guaranteed.



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