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Fischer Provides "Federation On-Ramp" for InCommon Member Institutions

Naples, FL (April 5, 2011) -- Fischer International Identity, a leading provider of identity management solutions, has become an InCommon Affiliate.

InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides trust services for the U.S. education and research communities, including an identity management Federation Service and a Certificate Service. The 282 InCommon participants include colleges and universities, research organizations, agencies of the U.S. government, and private companies that offer web-based resources and services.

The Affiliate Program provides the research and education community with a way to safely and efficiently connect with partners that can help build the necessary underlying infrastructure that supports federated access.

"Higher Education demands an identity management solution that enables the flow of information and academic processes without sacrificing security and asset protection,” said Andrew Sroka, CEO of Fischer International. “Fischer’s participation in the Affiliate Program provides a way for institutions to rapidly leverage the benefits of the InCommon Federation and provides a scalable and predictable path to other identity management capabilities.”

Fischer International’s award-winning identity management solution includes their “Federation On-Ramp,” a low-cost, managed solution that provides institutions with an immediate entry-way to the InCommon Federation without having to dedicate or hire skilled resources to deploy and manage a federation infrastructure.

“We welcome Fischer International to the InCommon Affiliate Program,” said Jack Suess, chief information officer and vice president for information technology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and chair of the InCommon Steering Committee. “Fischer International’s experience in identity management comes at a time of great growth and interest in federated identity management. Their support can provide a key partnership link for our higher education participants.”

The InCommon Federation provides a secure and privacy-protecting method for giving individuals access to protected or licensed online resources, such as library databases, multimedia content, research information, and services provided by government agencies.

Individuals use the credentials provided by their home institution (identity provider) to access protected resources, with the identity provider managing the identity information and guarding user privacy. The company or organization providing the online resource (the service provider) authorizes access to the online resource based on information about the user, called “attributes,” passed from the identity provider, which protects the privacy of the user. This works because all participating organizations agree on standard policies, practices and technology standards for all interactions.

InCommon greatly streamlines collaboration among multiple organizations because federation members agree on these policies and processes once, rather than each time they sign a contract with a new partner. It also improves security and privacy, as the identity provider releases only the information needed for the service provider to make an access decision. Many times, this does not require the release of even an individual’s name or other personally identifiable information.

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InCommon, operated by Internet2, serves the U.S. education and research communities, supporting a common framework of trust services and operating the InCommon Federation, the U.S. trust federation for research and education, and the community-driven InCommon Certificate Service. The InCommon Federation enables scalable, trusted collaborations among its community of participants. Identity Providers give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while Service Providers control access to their protected resources. The Certificate Service offers unlimited certificates to the U.S. higher education community for one fixed annual fee. For more information, see

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