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Fischer Identity™: World Class Product. World Class Support.

Welcome to Fischer International Identity's Technical Support Center. The Technical Support Center serves as your main point of contact for obtaining support, training, and software updated for Fischer Identity. The Technical Support Center can be reached directly by phone or e-mail, below or through the support page: Please consult the Terms and Conditions below for additional details.

Phone (USA): +1 800-776-7258
Phone (International): +1 239-436-2700

For product support information related to TAO, IOF, and Enterprise Directory, please visit Fischer International Systems Corporation's support page.


Fischer is committed to providing world-class support. To facilitate quick response, the following information is required when reporting a problem:

  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Fischer product name
  • Operating system with version numbers
  • DSA name (directory applications)
  • Application(s) associated with problem
  • Software release number
  • A complete description of problem
  • Severity level of problem using the following guidelines:

System Down, total impact on customer and applications, situation extremely critical.

Severe limitation to the customer's system that does not impact all applications.

Documentation or non-pressing questions, basic problem, i.e., request for documentation, assistance with upgrades, enhancement request, etc.
A ticket number will be assigned to each problem and will be used for tracking purposes until the problem is resolved.

When the requested information has been collected, please contact Fischer Customer Support as follows:

Phone: +1 800-776-7258